What is Diabetes:

Diabetes is disease caused by the pancreas producing too little insulin, or where the body is unable to use the insulin correctly, or both. Diabetes And Wound Healing this leads to high levels of sugar in the blood, which is left untreated, increases the risk of complications which may be disabling, or even life threatening.

What happens to glucose in people suffering from diabetes:

If insulin is not working properly, or if there is not enough insulin, the glucose increases in our blood causing high blood sugar (hyperglycaemia) and our cells are left without any glucose.

Why is it important for our cells to have glucose:

Glucose is essential for the cells to function properly. It is the brains main source of energy and an important source of energy for the cells that make up muscle and other tissues in our body.

What is wrong with too much sugar in the blood?:

Having high levels of sugar in the blood over a period of time leads to complications which will affect your health negatively and may be life threatening. Diabetes And Wound Healing If left untreated, diabetes may lead to the following complications:

• Eye disease – Damage of the blood vessels in the eye, which may lead to blindness. Risk of cataract and glaucoma.

• Cardiovascular disease: Increased blood pressure

• Stroke – Increased likelihood due to narrowing of arteries

• Skin conditions – Increased susceptibility to skin problems, including bacterial and fungal infections.

• Kidney damage – Damage to the filtering system may lead to kidney failure or end-stage kidney disease.

• Nerve damage – Damage to nerve due to excess sugar leads to loss of feeling in the hands and feet.

• Foot damage – Lack of proper blood flow to the feet, or nerve damage, increase the risk of various complications. Minor injuries (blisters of cuts), if left untreated, can develop serious infections, which become difficult to treat and may require amputation of toe, foot or leg. A large percentage of diabetics develop foot problems. Please contact Ilosun Ointment info line for any assistance. 082 449 2728

How is diabetes managed or treated:

Blood test is necessary in order for you to diagnose diabetes. Diabetes And Wound Healing If you are diagnosed with diabetes, your doctor will take into account your medical history and develop a treatment plan that best suits you. The ideal treatment plan will stabilise your blood sugar levels, with minimum side effects, to prevent the complications of diabetes.