Why Ilosun Ointment?

The all in one Ointment:

  1. Starts with healing process immediately
  2. Prevents infection
  3. Stimulates granulation and epithelization
  4. Gentle wound care – does not stick to underlying wound tissue. Protecting new cells.
  5. Removes dead tissue and eschar painlessly.
  6. Provides a moist healing environment for better blood circulation and cell migration.
  7. Remarkable on all wound type; Diabetic wounds Burns of all degree, Pressure sores, wound due to bad blood circulation, eczema, Psoriasis and more..

Pain relief

During the burning the tissues on the surface are damaged to different extends and the sensory nerve terminations are exposed to a shock like effect and the injury is extremely painful. The composition of Ilosun covers the wounded area and isolates it from its surroundings.

Slough removal

Ilosun has a unique ability to penetrate remove slough from wound bed at home, remove eschar and necrotic tissue. Blisters and slough are lifted painlessly from the wound with its extracting factors. Slough and necrotic tissue are rapidly replaced with granulation tissue and advancing epithelisation.

Moist Healing

Burn wounds fast healing cream for wounds to the skin result in cellular necrosis, capillary damage and coagulation of proteins. Capillary vessels become porous and hence the wet appearance of grade 2 and 3 burn wounds. Blood flow ceases as a result of thrombosis.

Principles of Wound Care