The Director of Sunope Pharm, Irene Snyman, saw the need for improved wound Care in 2003. In 2004 Sunope Pharm has been established after realizing the enormous need for wound Care of Burns and other wound types. Sunope Pharm took the challenge on to implement a product that will prevent infection, remove slough and bring fast and effective wound healing. Research has been started in 2003 from different academic institutions and laboratories all over the World. In Co-Operation with other Academic institutions, clinical trials were done with intensive wound care for a period of three years. Stability test was done for 4 years by a Analytical Lab and product Shelf life is stable for this period and more. First webpage was created 2007. With hard work, total commitment and intensive Wound Care, Ilosun studies lead to the following outcome:

Ilosun Ointment was formulated in 2003 as an antimicrobial for burn wounds to prevent infection and start immediately with the healing process. Burns will not become septic. Ilosun is effective in cleaning in cleaning and closing of infected wounds. The combination is essential for growth and the development of new tissue. It promotes re-epithelization and reparative tissue strength. Ilosun ointment halts advancing necrosis. It has the ability to diffuse through the wound and penetrate slough, acting as a DE slough agent to remove eschar and necrotic tissue. Blisters and slough are lifted painlessly from the wound by its extracting factors. Slough and necrotic tissue are rapidly replaced with granulation tissue and advancing epitheliazation. Ilosun Ointment provides a protective barrier and creates a moist healing environment that’s stimulates wound circulation. Ilosun Ointment does not stick to underlying wound tissue, protecting new cells at all times.

Ilosun Ointment gives hope and healing for those in despair waiting on healing. It is a privilege to share this product with the world.

Be Blessed by The Grace of God.

Irene Snyman